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September 2023


Revd David Speirs

September 2023 Minister’s Letter

Dear Friends,

As we enter into a new connexional year there are many things to celebrate and many challenges ahead of us. For the past twelve months we have been learning what it means to be ten worshipping communities working together as the one multi-site Northampton Methodist Church, whilst also continuing to support the important work that happens at Emmanuel LEP Church. We have started a Mission and Property review that will hopefully ensure that the mission of Northampton Methodist Church can not only be sustained but can grow and flourish.

When faced with the enormity of the task that lies ahead of us it seems quite natural to feel anxious about the changes that might need to occur, not just in relation to our buildings and finances, but changes that have to occur within ourselves so that we can continue to grow as disciples of Jesus. Yet in these things we do not rely on our own power but on the help of God, who through Christ and the Holy Spirit helps, guides and teaches us.

In this letter I thought it might be helpful to turn to a passage in which Jesus encourages his disciples by asking them not to worry:

“But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.”
(Matthew 6:33-34, New International Version – UK)

The passage reminds us that our focus should be on seeking God’s Kingdom and his righteousness in the present moment, which means placing our relationship with God at the centre of every day and ensuring that what we are constantly seeking is a world transformed by God’s love, mercy and justice.  While we might be tempted to think that this depends on our own power and initiative what this passage reminds us is that when we seek God’s kingdom and his righteousness, it is the Lord who supplies us with what we need and it is God who transforms us. Therefore we do not rely on our own strength, but rather in our weakness we seek Christ to help us as we commit to following him. So this year let us avoid worry, be seekers of the kingdom, and place all our faith and trust in God.

Yours faithfully,

Revd David Speirs

Superintendent Minister
Northampton Methodist Church & Circuit.