Preaching Plan

We have many acts of worship every week. The table can be filtered so that you can find the services that interest you. All services at each location are also listed on the relevant worshipping community’s page.

You can use the buttons to view the printed plan online or to download the PDF file.

DateTimeLocationPreacherType of Worship
10th Dec09:00Worship at HomeRevd Ian ForsythGo to Worship at Home
10th Dec10:30AstcotePaul Barford
10th Dec10:30BoothvilleJulie Goodlad & Chris PearsonHoly Communion
10th Dec10:30EmmanuelRevd Stewart Betts
10th Dec10:30Park AvenueKatherine Suttie
10th Dec10:30RoadeMary Winchcombe
10th Dec10:30St Andrew'sRevd Tony PerryHoly Communion
10th Dec10:45Kingsley ParkLinda Leathersich
10th Dec10:45KingsthorpeBPam Kirkland
10th Dec10:45QueensgroveRevd David SpeirsHoly Communion
10th Dec10:45Towcester RoadAngela McNally
10th Dec15:45Rectory FarmYvonne DesrochesHoly Communion
17th Dec09:00Worship at HomeMary WinchcombeGo to Worship at Home
17th Dec10:30AstcoteKeith BrooksFamily Service
17th Dec10:30EmmanuelRevd Rachel WarnockHoly Communion / Café Church
17th Dec10:30Park AvenueFriday Club
17th Dec10:30RoadeLocally Resourced WorshipTop Ten Carols
17th Dec10:30St Andrew'sLocally Resourced Worship
17th Dec10:45Kingsley ParkRevd David SpeirsHoly Communion
17th Dec10:45KingsthorpeB-
17th Dec10:45QueensgroveRevd Malcolm Oliver
17th Dec10:45Towcester RoadRevd Ian ForsythFamily Service
17th Dec15:00Great BillingRevd Ian ForsythCarol Service Café Church
17th Dec15:00HarpoleLocally Resourced WorshipCarol Service
17th Dec15:45Rectory FarmObi Hez
17th Dec16:00BoothvilleYvonne DesrochesCarol Service
17th Dec16:00QueensgroveLocally Resourced WorshipCarol Service
17th Dec17:30Park AvenueLocally Resourced WorshipCarol Service
24th Dec09:00Worship at HomeRevd David SpeirsGo to Worship at Home
24th Dec10:00HarpoleJenny BrooksCarol Service
24th Dec10:30BoothvilleChris Pearson
24th Dec10:30EmmanuelRevd Stewart BettsHoly Communion
24th Dec10:30Park Avenue-Joint Service at Queensgrove
24th Dec10:30RoadeRevd Ian ForsythHoly Communion
24th Dec10:30St Andrew'sLocally Resourced Worship
24th Dec10:45Kingsley ParkRevd Tony Perry
24th Dec10:45KingsthorpeBRevd Ian SuttieHoly Communion
24th Dec10:45QueensgroveSue FoyJoint Service
24th Dec10:45Towcester RoadLocally Resourced Worship
24th Dec15:00Park AvenueRevd David Speirs
24th Dec16:00Kingsley ParkLocally Resourced Worship
24th Dec16:30AstcoteRevd Ian ForsythCarol Service
24th Dec18:00St Andrew'sPaul BarfordCarol Service
24th Dec23:30Park AvenueRevd David Speirs
25th Dec09:30RoadeLocal Arrangement
25th Dec10:00HarpoleLocally Resourced WorshipJoint Service with C of E
25th Dec10:00Kingsley ParkLocally Resourced Worship
25th Dec10:00St Andrew'sKeith Brooks
25th Dec10:30AstcoteLocal ArrangementChristmas Family Celebration
25th Dec10:30BoothvilleMaureen LukeHoly Communion
25th Dec10:30EmmanuelRevd Rachel Warnock
25th Dec10:30Park AvenueRevd David SpeirsAll Age Worship
25th Dec10:45KingsthorpeBZoom ServiceZoom Service
25th Dec10:45KingsthorpePZoom ServiceZoom Service
25th Dec10:45Queensgrove-No Service please join Kingsley or Park Ave
25th Dec10:45Towcester RoadRevd Ian Forsyth
31st Dec09:00HarpolePrayer BreakfastPrayer Breakfast
31st Dec09:00Worship at HomeRevd Ian ForsythGo to Worship at Home
31st Dec10:00Harpole-United Service at St Andrew's (10:30)
31st Dec10:30Astcote-United Service at St Andrew's (10:30)
31st Dec10:30BoothvilleRevd Stewart Betts
31st Dec10:30EmmanuelYvonne DesrochesHoly Communion
31st Dec10:30KingsthorpeB-United Service at St Andrew's (10:30)
31st Dec10:30Park Avenue-United Service at St Andrew's (10:30)
31st Dec10:30Roade-United Service at St Andrew's (10:30)
31st Dec10:30St Andrew'sRevd David Speirs and Revd Ian ForsythHoly Communion
31st Dec10:45Kingsley Park-United Service at St Andrew's (10:30)
31st Dec10:45KingsthorpeBBaptist Preacher
31st Dec10:45Queensgrove-United Service at St Andrew's (10:30)
31st Dec10:45Towcester Road-United Service at St Andrew's (10:30)
31st Dec15:00Great Billing-United Service at St Andrew's (10:30)
7th Jan09:00Worship at HomeRevd Alan SharpGo to Worship at Home
7th Jan09:30AstcotePrayers for the CommunityPrayers for the Community
7th Jan10:00HarpoleRevd Alan SharpCovenant Service and Holy Communion
7th Jan10:30AstcoteRevd Tony PerryHoly Communion
7th Jan10:30BoothvilleMaureen Luke
7th Jan10:30EmmanuelRevd Rachel WarnockHoly Communion
7th Jan10:30Park AvenueRevd David SpeirsHoly Communion & Covenant
7th Jan10:30RoadeRevd Dr Samantha Gillard
7th Jan10:30St Andrew'sLinda LeathersichAll Age Worship
7th Jan10:45Kingsley ParkSue Foy
7th Jan10:45KingsthorpeBBaptist Preacher
7th Jan10:45KingsthorpePRevd Ian SuttieHoly Communion All Age Worship
7th Jan10:45QueensgroveKeith BrooksAll Age Worship
7th Jan10:45Towcester RoadRevd Ian ForsythCovenant Service and Holy Communion
7th Jan15:00Great BillingRevd Ian ForsythCovenant Service and Holy Communion
7th Jan15:45Rectory FarmFiona Potter
8th Jan14:30HomesteadRevd Ian Forsyth
14th Jan09:00Worship at HomeJohn AtkinGo to Worship at Home
14th Jan10:30AstcotePaul Barford
14th Jan10:30BoothvilleRevd Stewart BettsHoly Communion
14th Jan10:30EmmanuelYvonne Desroches
14th Jan10:30Park AvenueLinda Leathersich
14th Jan10:30RoadeRevd Ian ForsythCovenant Service and Holy Communion
14th Jan10:30St Andrew'sRevd David SpeirsHoly Communion
14th Jan10:45Kingsley ParkKeith Brooks
14th Jan10:45KingsthorpeBRevd Tony PerryCovenant Service and Holy Communion
14th Jan10:45QueensgroveAngela McNally
14th Jan10:45Towcester RoadJohn Atkin
14th Jan15:45Rectory FarmKristin HatherlyHoly Communion
21st Jan09:00Worship at HomeRevd David SpeirsGo to Worship at Home
21st Jan10:00HarpoleDeacon Richard Beckett
21st Jan10:00Towcester Road-St Benedicts US / SNPC
21st Jan10:30AstcoteRevd Ian ForsythFamily Service
21st Jan10:30BoothvilleYvonne Desroches
21st Jan10:30EmmanuelRevd Stewart BettsHoly Communion
21st Jan10:30Park AvenueLocally Resourced WorshipFriday Club
21st Jan10:30RoadeKeith Brooks
21st Jan10:30St Andrew'sPeter Tarrant
21st Jan10:45Kingsley ParkMary Winchcombe
21st Jan10:45KingsthorpeB-Kingsthorpe Churches Together at St Marks
21st Jan10:45QueensgroveRevd David SpeirsHoly Communion & Covenant
21st Jan15:00Great BillingRevd Ian ForsythJoint Service at Our Lady's
21st Jan15:45Rectory FarmObi Hez
28th Jan09:00Worship at HomeRevd Ian ForsythGo to Worship at Home
28th Jan10:30BoothvilleChris PearsonHoly Communion
28th Jan10:30EmmanuelRevd Rachel Warnock
28th Jan10:30Park AvenueRevd Alan SharpTaize Service
28th Jan10:30RoadeIan Harrison
28th Jan10:30St Andrew'sJohn Atkin
28th Jan10:45Kingsley ParkRevd Alan SharpHoly Communion
28th Jan10:45KingsthorpeBBaptist Preacher
28th Jan10:45QueensgroveRevd Ian Forsyth
28th Jan10:45Towcester RoadKatherine Suttie
28th Jan15:00AstcoteRevd Ian ForsythScones of Praise
28th Jan15:45Rectory FarmYvonne Desroches & Revd Stewart BettsHoly Communion
4th Feb09:00Worship at HomeJenny BrooksGo to Worship at Home
4th Feb09:30AstcoteLocally Resourced WorshipPrayers for the Community
4th Feb10:00HarpoleRevd Helen CameronHoly Communion
4th Feb10:30AstcoteLocal Arrangement
4th Feb10:30BoothvilleMaureen Luke
4th Feb10:30EmmanuelRevd Stewart BettsHoly Communion
4th Feb10:30Park AvenueRevd David SpeirsHoly Communion
4th Feb10:30RoadeRevd Tony Perry
4th Feb10:30St Andrew'sSue FoyAll Age Worship
4th Feb10:45Kingsley ParkRevd Ian ForsythAll Age Worship
4th Feb10:45KingsthorpeBBaptist Preacher
4th Feb10:45KingsthorpePJenny BrooksAll Age Worship
4th Feb10:45QueensgroveShorley
4th Feb10:45Towcester RoadRevd Dr Samantha GillardHoly Communion
4th Feb15:00Great BillingRevd Ian ForsythSoP
4th Feb15:45Rectory FarmRevd Rachel Warnock
5th Feb14:30HomesteadRevd Ian Forsyth
11th Feb09:00Worship at HomeRevd Ian ForsythGo to Worship at Home
11th Feb10:30AstcoteRevd Tony Perry
11th Feb10:30BoothvilleRevd Stewart BettsHoly Communion
11th Feb10:30EmmanuelMaureen Luke
11th Feb10:30Park AvenueRevd Ian Suttie
11th Feb10:30RoadeRevd David SpeirsHoly Communion
11th Feb10:30St Andrew'sRevd Alan Sharp
11th Feb10:45Kingsley ParkJohn Atkin
11th Feb10:45KingsthorpeBLocally Resourced Worship
11th Feb10:45QueensgroveDeacon Richard Beckett
11th Feb10:45Towcester RoadRevd Ian Forsyth
11th Feb15:45Rectory FarmKristin HatherlyHoly Communion
18th Feb09:00Worship at HomeRevd David SpeirsGo to Worship at Home
18th Feb10:00HarpoleAngela McNally
18th Feb10:30AstcoteKatherine SuttieFamily Service
18th Feb10:30BoothvilleRevd Rachel Warnock
18th Feb10:30EmmanuelYvonne DesrochesHoly Communion
18th Feb10:30Park AvenueLocally Resourced WorshipFriday Club
18th Feb10:30RoadeShorley
18th Feb10:30St Andrew'sRevd Dr Samantha GillardHoly Communion
18th Feb10:45Kingsley ParkRevd David SpeirsHoly Communion
18th Feb10:45KingsthorpeBBaptist PreacherHoly Communion
18th Feb10:45QueensgroveRevd Tony PerryHoly Communion
18th Feb10:45Towcester RoadKeith Brooks
18th Feb15:00Great BillingRevd David Speirs
18th Feb15:45Rectory FarmFiona Potter
25th Feb09:00Worship at HomeRevd David SpeirsGo to Worship at Home
25th Feb10:00Harpole-Service at C of E Church
25th Feb10:30BoothvilleChris PearsonHoly Communion
25th Feb10:30EmmanuelRevd Rachel Warnock
25th Feb10:30Park AvenueDawn Smith
25th Feb10:30RoadeRevd Alan Sharp
25th Feb10:30St Andrew'sIan Harrison
25th Feb10:45Kingsley ParkLocal Arrangement
25th Feb10:45KingsthorpeBKeith Brooks
25th Feb10:45QueensgroveRevd David SpeirsJoint Service
25th Feb10:45Towcester RoadRevd Ian Suttie
25th Feb15:00AstcoteRevd David SpeirsScones of Praise
25th Feb15:45Rectory FarmYvonne DesrochesHoly Communion