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4th April 2024ReNew - valuing layworkers

It happens every three months and helps to reinvigorate, refresh and revitalise.

ReNew is put on by the Northampton District and during Holy Week, one of these regular gatherings was laid on at St Andrew's Church in Duston.

Methodist Church Head of Mission Jude Levermore was there to talk about her role and participate in a podcast first – "One Voice Live"!

You can hear the first part of that ReNew conversation with Jude in this month's episode.


The latest news on the Kingsthorpe LEP between the Methodist and Baptist churches is brought to you by Trevor Clarke and Catherine Bruce and our last conversation is based around something incredibly innovative!

Amy Scott Robinson is running a retreat at one of the Retreat Association's venues around the concept of prayerful poetry.

Listen in and find out all about it.

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7th March 2024Church life online & What's in a name?

Naomi Ensor is the new Digital Enabler for the District and has invigorating torrents of thought for how churches can get the most from their online social presence.

If you've questions around social media, Facebook groups and how to create artwork that leaves a mark, Naomi is more than able and happy to help.

Hear all about Naomi and this brilliant role.

This episode is also a chance to catch up with how church life in Kingsthorpe is evolving. These are epoch making times and the Methodist and Baptist church are in the process of forming an LEP.

But what will be the name?

Listen to Catherine Bruce explain the process and if you qualify to vote, you can email yours to

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15th February 2024Stories of Hope - FEAST, The Night Shelter and Dine & Divine.

Can you even begin to conceive what homelessness is like? To have no safety, warmth, routine or humanity.

The Hope Centre is in its 50th year and over the course of this winter, Queensgrove Methodist Church has become a temporary night shelter for those who seek the support of this wonderful organisation.

It's fascinating to hear how Louise and her colleagues break the cycle of despair and crisis.

From the Mission Team, you'll hear from Rev'd Kim Shorley, who is the FEAST enabler. Let's unpick the meaning of FEAST and how it can bring a sustainble vibrancy to church life.

There's also some news from Pam Kirkland – did you know that wonderful faith conversations can begin in the pub?!

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11th January 2024Anti Jewish sentiment and the Christian faith, being a treasurer and trustee and community evangelism

He's never been afraid to identify the unedifying presence of antisemitism.

A return to circuit ministry means Rev'd Bruce Thompson has the opportunity to examine some of the more unsavoury views he has encountered over his time with the church.

The forthcoming District Study Day is being led by Bruce and is titled " Preaching with Sensitivity in Lent and Easter " – Being aware of anti-Jewish Bias.

You can hear a two part conversation with Bruce in this episode.

Details of the day and how to attend can be found here.

Mel Brown, the Overstone Pioneer Community Chaplain sends us a really animated and joyous report on all the successes she and her peers are having there – you can't fail but to be drawn in by her enthusiasm!

And what's it like to be both a treasurer and trustee in the Methodist church?

Keith Brooks tells his story.

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12th December 2023The Nativity, ReNew and life in the villages

Three Christmas stories from where you are.

Conversation, opinion and experiences of Methodism are in abundance, as you hear about the following :

Our man out there in the District, Matt Forsyth spends some time with Nigel Pimlott at the recent ReNew event. Find out how Nigel reflects on his role and what he thinks will embolden Methodist churches in the future.

Catherine Jones and Pam Kirkland of Kingsthorpe Methodist Church have just enjoyed great success with the Nativity they organised with some of the young people from King's Kids. (You might even hear some of the dramatic and vibrant performances).

Our final destination is Upper Wreake, where we meet local lay pastor Janet Norburn who shares some wonderful stories ( quite often around food! ) and an infectious enthusiasm.

We've also news on the Xmas appeal being run by the established and highly respected Hope Centre in Northampton. Please help if you can.

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20th November 2023Remembrance, The Chinese church and a village chapel.

Wherever you were, I'm sure you fell silent.

You may well have attended a service of Remembrance. The village of Harpole in Northamptonshire was one of many places that felt the loss so deeply, so keenly. 47 never returned from World War One. It was event that changed so much and society's change was the church's change. Could a village chapel ever recover from this epoch making conflict?

We meet Mary Burt to chart the life and times of Methodism in Harpole and her role in it.

On his district wide travels again is Matt Forsyth and this month, he meets up with Holly Adams to reflect over the Restore Hope event in Amersham.

To find out more about more about Mission Planning, do visit the new District website – For help in Mission planning, do contact the Mission Team Leader on

You'll also meet Rev Calvin Cheung, who is steeped in the Chinese church; hear him speak of his experiences and the hope he holds for the future.

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12th October 2023The cafe that cares, a book of Revival and life & faith in Cameroon

Cafe Emm in the Weston Favell centre in Northampton is a truly philanthropic place. With a direct link to Emmanuel Church, it feels like an extended family to its customers. Their latest project is a weekly event called " Singing for the Soul " and happens every Tuesday.

Anna and Scott tell the story.

One of the great pleasures of this podcast is to return to previous guests when they have a new or updated story to tell. The Rev Leslie Newton returns to talk about his new book, which was born out of his sabbatical. You'll hear an extract from it and a detailed chat about what the book holds.

Our third story is one with foundations in Cameroon. Two members of the Presbyterian Church spent some time recently in the Northampton District and they tell us what life and faith is like there and how their twinning with Northampton helps their inspirational work back home.

We've also got some what's ons and District Mission Enabler Matt Forsyth explains Out of the Ordinary, of which more details can be found here :

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15th September 2023Big news and exciting change.

We started out as a podcast for the Northampton Methodist Church and now our wings have spread!

Thanks to the Methodist Church Northampton District, we're now reaching out to another 18 circuits.

With the help of District Mission Enabler Matt Forsyth, we're going to be telling so many more stories, relaying events and reflecting the places you worship in.

In this first episode of the new format, Matt sends a report from the recent ReNew event in Sileby. It's great to hear all the passion, vigour and mission.

Reverend David Spiers also joins us to talk about the year anniversary of Northampton Methodist Church. There are some fantastic initiatives and success stories and David explains the highs and the challenges.

Our final guest is dancer and dance teacher Emily Yong, who is part of Springs Dance Company – she's on hand to tell the story of their touring production and what it can do for your church. It is an amazing piece and has a wonderful track record.

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21st August 2023Podcast plans and The Saints Memory Cafe

It's been 3 years since we started One Voice. Back in 2020, the podcast set out an intention to tell all kinds of stories from all types of voices and now is the time to capitalise on that.

Northampton Methodist District is joining us from September and bringing with it a further 19 circuits. Think of all the fascinating and listenable stories that means; our aim is to capture those insights and experiences. Matt Forsyth, the District Mission Enabler is with us to talk about this big move.

Clare Clarke works for the Northampton Saints Foundation and they've been putting on a wonderful resource called The Memory Cafe. Hear her explain the ethos behind the project, its benefits and some breaking news that will bring even more good news with it.

If you'd like to be a guest on the podcast or know someone who has a story to tell, please email

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11th July 2023Rev'd Francis M'Itiiri : The onward journey

Rev'd Francis is on the verge of taking up his next role as Minister in North London and here he gives his reflections and recollections to the podcast. Which British cuisine has always been a challenge for him and his family and what message does he leave for the circuit?

Lois has held a couple of Christian Aid fundraisers in the last month and what a success they've been! Coffee, tea, cakes, plants and raffles have all helped raise a fantastic sum and in this episode you'll hear just how much has come in. There's also a quick word on Gift Aid from Martin and our time honoured dip into Coffee Time Chat with Pam Kirkland.

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13th June 2023Blessing The King and a 200th anniversary

The Rev'd Helen Cameron takes you behind the scenes of the King's coronation. In her role as Moderator of the Free Churches Group, Helen was part of the blessing ceremony and also attended rehearsals beforehand. The podcast is in the privileged position of hearing her account of the day and what it meant to be part of this once in a lifetime event. It's a remarkable and unique insight.

Kingsthorpe Baptist Church, that great partner of Kingsthorpe Methodist Church will soon celebrate it's two hundredth year. To mark this, there'll be a special exhibition at the church put together by Catherine Bruce and her peers. Catherine is a guest of One Voice and explains what she uncovered on a visit to the County Records office. She tells a fascinating story of "dissent" and determination from a different time.

There is of course the monthly Coffee Time Chat and Pam Kirkland guides you through.

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19th May 2023Examining YOUR faith journey, 40 years of service and creativity in the community

What if there were places were you could get away from it all, be quietly contemplative and deepen your relationship with God?

The Retreat Association is just such a place and harks right back to the Desert Fathers, where silence and stillness is at the heart of ones existence. Their Executive Director, Alison MacTier is one of our guests this month.

Pam Kirkland dips into the realms of Coffee Time Chat once again and uncovers a remarkably selfless story of four decades given over to the church and the community.

If you want to know where to go for a Pentecost service, we have the details and there's also a look at this month's District Eco Tips, to deepen our connection to Mother Nature.

You can also hear all about something in Northamptonshire that sees 10,000 people descend on a village with Methodist connections.

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4th April 2023The rich tapestry of a faith's history

David Heatherington is the co founder and emeritus curator of the Weardale Museum, an attraction closely tied to High House Chapel. The chapel was visited 13 times by John Wesley and when it needed urgent restoration work, David had the brilliant idea of depicting methodist stories and history in a unique new tapestry.

Spend some time with David, who retells this delightful story of innovation, creativity and perseverance.

The podcast also hears from Lisa Smith, a trustee of Baby Basics. Lisa tells One Voice about their ethos, some of the situations they've helped to assuage and how you can help.

There's also our monthly dose of coffee time chat. Pam hand picks a couple of the many high spots from the monthly round up of people's news.

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20th March 2023Revival and Rapport - The President and Vice President of Methodist Conference

Reverend Graham Thompson and Anthony Boateng are the President and Vice President of the Methodist Conference and have just been spending some time in Northamptonshire.

Find out what it's shown them, how it has affected them and hear their responses to some of your questions. We cover scripture, church buildings, President and Vice President rapport and how they've picked up each other's interests.

There's our regular dip into Coffee Time Chat – Pam has two lots of good news.


Sheila Howard talks through the concept of a prayer chain, how beneficial it is and how it gets set up.

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9th February 2023Bola's enthusiasm and The Greenbelt Festival at 50

Paul Northup is Festival Director for Greenbelt, which is about to mark its 50th birthday and we’re really pleased get Paul to share his story with the podcast.

You’ll hear his account of his first ever festival, what it did to him and how he and his team build on the success of 49 previous years!

Pam Kirkland ( amongst many other things ) curates Coffee Time Chat, the regular church newsletter and every month, she’ll pick a highlight from it. This time, it’s a celebration of Street Pastors and the newly commissioned Bola.

 A life of love and compassion is how Bola characterises the work of the Street Pastors and we’re so pleased to be able to hear of her wisdom, passion and humanity.

We’re also keen to help Steve Dickinson promote his tea and cake open house on 16th Feb for the DEC Turkey and Syria eathquake appeal. Please support if you can.

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19th January 2023Formula One Methodism

Holly Adams on why the British GP Weekend at Silverstone is the perfect event to spread the word of God.

Pam Kirkland takes us through the life cycle of Coffee Time Chat and the creativity behind it.


There’s something lively going on at Kingsthorpe Baptist Church on a Monday – Carol Baldwin tells the story.

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13th December 2022There Is Room

A walk through the There Is Room conference held on 7th December 2022 at Thornborough chapel and the way the church engages with its lay workers.

Speakers included Helen Cameron, Steve Mann, Matt Forsyth and Melvina Brown.

Have you expanded your tent? How do you bear God?

Expect some big questions and invigorating thought.

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16th November 2022The Warm Spaces Initiative and Vocation & Discernment

There is Room.

That’s the name of the conference for Northampton District Lay Workers and we’re fortunate enough to have Mission Enabler Matt Forsyth give out the essential details of this event on the podcast. Secure your place here

Community Outreach doesn’t get more vital than the warm space being run by Alan, Hilary and colleagues at Park Avenue. John spent some time with them to get a feel for how it will run, why they felt the need to get involved and what they hope to achieve. The national website for an overview of this project is here.

How frequently in life and faith do you find that the path is unclear and discovering how best to use your skills and qualities is far from apparent? Well Alison Ransome is on this episode to talk through the idea of vocation and discernment.

What is your “why”?

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25th October 2022Anthony Boateng Vice President of Conference : How does the church regrow?

Local preachers are at the very heart of the Methodist Church. 

The unordained are highly prized and woven into the very fabric of what John and Charles Wesley stood for. Socially important and helping to drive spiritual revival, we’ve two perspectives from two very accomplished local preachers on the podcast.

Jenny Brooks is based in Northamptonshire and here she relays her personal experiences of the role, what approach she takes to leading worship and what constitutes a successful service.

Anthony Boateng is Vice President of Methodist Conference and he’s also a local preacher. 

” It was the most rewarding training I’d ever done. ” is how he characterises his own spiritual journey.

Listen to Anthony talk about the value of this vocation and how the wider church can flourish.

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28th September 2022A voice for the voiceless and adapting to change

You take up a new stationing and then within a short space of time are invited to become Acting Superintendent. This has been the case for the Rev David Spiers, so we thought it would be interesting to hear how he approaches the role, what it is teaching him and the various sources of guidance and support he is blessed with.

With so much change in the air, how does the church remain a constant, yet embrace positive and helpful change?


Dr Mark K Olson is a regular contributor to the Methodists Online group in Facebook and is a scholar of all things John Wesley. He’s also written books and has some of the most detailed resources when it comes to Wesley. Direct from California, you’ll hear Mark discussing the tensions John had with his brother Charles, why he developed the beliefs he did and how Methodism can grow further into the role of being a “voice for the voiceless”.

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26th August 2022The Greenbelt Festival and fundraising for Christian Aid

Northamptonshire is quite rightly seen as the saviour of The Greenbelt Festival. It’s a festival of arts, faith and justice held annually in England since 1974. Greenbelt has grown out of an evangelical Christian music festival, with an audience of 1,500 young people into its current form, a more inclusive festival attended at its peak around 2010 by around 20,000, including Christians and those from other faiths. Someone who has seen more festivals than most is the BBC’s Martin Heath and I’m pleased to say that he’s on hand to talk about his experiences and memories of it.

The podcast stays in the great outdoors for our other conversation – hear about the coffee “extravaganzas” held by Lois Leeson and family in her garden. If you haven’t been part of one, you’re missing out.

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29th July 2022Methodists Online and an inspirational christian

Where do you stand on Facebook? Love it or loathe it, the network has become a way in which faith can be discussed, spread, questioned and celebrated.

Mark Stennett is one of the team behind the group Methodists Online. It’s a really popular group, with 6,000 members. There are serious debates on there, virtual coffee mornings and a regular dash of humour. Have a listen to him talking about the way Facebook has been a force for good in Methodism.


Who isn’t familiar with the principles and themes in Chariots of Fire? Well you might have seen the film, but how well do you know the wider story of its’ key figure?

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2nd June 2022Goodbyes, reflections and finding faith through sport

Rev’d Romeo Pedro has been such a force for good; change, comfort and to so many, he has been a friend. This September (2022) it’s time for him to seek new challenges and a new home in Sheffield. This is the episode for an outpouring of the difference he’s made, the big questions that so frequently are unanswerable and how feels about the reality of not being able to lay down long term roots.

We’re also ready to educate when it comes to everything from South Yorkshire dialect to the Namibian bri !

Another equally peripatetic group of people are the immensely committed and inspired Sportsreach – founded in 1997 by Graham Stamford, they do some amazing and transformative work in schools all around the world. 

How does sport bring us closer to Jesus? Listen to one of the co directors Sue Marsden and all will be revealed.

You can also hear a unique recap of the most recent coffee morning for Christian Aid – we have a report from one of the “waiters”.

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7th May 2022Birthday celebrations - 2 years old!

It’s been 2 years since the methodist church of Northampton started this podcast. In that time, there’s been such a rich depth of guests and talking points.

Celebrate with us and revisit some of the wonderful contributors who’ve told their story to One Voice.

We’re really pleased to that the second half of the episode is given over to Michael Wadsworth from the Learning Network. Michael talks so eloquently about the unordained and how they’re vital to the work of the church.

It’d be great if you could leave us a review on the podcast app you use – we’d love to hear your feedback and guest suggestions.

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15th April 2022Brazil to Stoke Newington : a life's devotion. Plus what happens when television criticism meets Methodism.

David Hallam is a television critic for The Methodist Recorder. For his weekly column, David sits through all manner of entertainment, documentary, reality and drama shows. But can any of it do harm? Can the programmes broadcast into out homes have the effect that Mary Whitehouse warned against? It’s a very revealing listen, in which he talks about the challenges to his own faith and taste and what the medium tells us about society and culture. He also speaks about the tone and style he adopts for the column and why it’s vital to be opinionated.

In our customarily global approach, our second guest is the Brazilian Minister Rev Dr Paulo Bessa, now of the Stoke Newington Circuit. It’s a revealing conversation that walks us through the health of methodism in his home country to the challenges faced by the church in London. Human Rights, racism and mental health issues are some of the issues Paulo sees in his community – keep listening and you’ll see how he approaches his fascinating and challenging role.

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4th March 2022Love, inclusion and Easter eggs

Fill in the blanks. Love is……

Not as easy as you think is it? It’s a discussion being stimulated by Mission Enabler Matt Forsyth and his colleagues and they’re extremely eager to hear your definitions. Have a listen to Matt talking about his role and personal pathway to faith.


Imagine an upbringing bereft of what most people would classify as normality. A childhood characterised by neglect, malnutrition and abuse. This was childhood for the remarkable Jeanette Walsh. Hers is the ultimate story of resilience and defiance. Placed in a children’s home at the age of 6, the experience left such an imprint on her heart that Jeanette went back at the age of 20 to work in one such home. She wanted to help. She wanted to improve lives. Not content with collecting and distributing presents for looked after children and disadvantaged families, Jeanette now has 5,000 Easter eggs in her sights. Can you donate?

The third guest this month is James Blackhall. James is the layworker based at Birstall and Rothley, having been based in the Leicester North Circuit since 2016. With a love of political activism, coffee and cake, James has some telling things to say about acceptance and the way we treat others.

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8th February 2022A really unfriendly and threatening-looking world.


It’s just unthinkable, isn’t it? The notion of being without a home; a place that anchors you is one of most basic requirements as humans. What if you are without one? What if you exist, day to day, in a world that intimidates with suspicion and atrocious weather at every turn? The idea of coping with such adverse and soul-destroying conditions doesn’t bear thinking about. One person who has great empathy and insight is Rev Leslie Newton, Chair of Yorkshire North and East District. Alongside his peers and the fervent commitment of young people in the area, he led a sleep out for the homeless, to bring attention to their plight. It’s an issue that doesn’t just blight communities, but it raises some pretty fundamental questions for the church.

Should it stand against the acquisition of holiday homes? You’ll definitely want to hear Leslie’s reaction.

Our other equally fascinating talking point is the Mijikenda. Stationed recently in Ireland and temporarily back in Kenya, we hear from Rev Annie Deche, who hails from one of the 9 tribes that make up the Mijikenda people. Each tribe has its own unique customs and dialects of the language, which are similar to Swahili. Annie tells an engaging and inspiring story of how she broke through stereotypes and expectations and became a minister in the Methodist church.

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15th January 2022Episode Twenty - Words that seize the day, the Shetland pony and community friendship and a Dalit Christian legacy.

Many of us will have tried ( with varying degrees of success ) to capture our observations and feelings as the last couple of years have played out with all its challenges, adversity and loss. The Rev Romeo Pedro posted something he’d written called “Carpe Diem” and we’re pleased to say he reads those evocative words in this episode of the podcast.

From the United Stockport Circuit, Rev Dr Raj Bharat Patta speaks to us from a number of fascinating perspectives. His background links him to the Dalits, seen as the untouchables of India; a subaltern people readily denied access to much of what we take for granted. Raj has researched and written extensively about the caste system, how faith and knowledge link to it and the violence still meted out to them. His story is one of intellectual defiance, ploughing a way for social mobility and not accepting the role that society frequently imprints on the individual.

We also hear from the Pioneer Chaplain for Overstone Gate, Mel Brown and trace the roots of the project to bring greater community cohesion to this new estate. She brings us right up to date with tales of a fun day and how a resident’s Shetland Pony stole the show. Mel’s energy and life-affirming outlook is an inspiration for the chat – have a listen to some of the brilliant things she continues to achieve.

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18th December 2021Episode Nineteen - A Ding Dong jumper, Charles II, civic pride in Northampton and the Girls Brigade in Kingsthorpe

Father Oliver Coss, Rector of All Saints Church in Northampton and rural dean of Greater Northampton is a man with one eye and the Norman and Saxon history of the All Saints building and another on natty Christmas attire. In this two part exclusive, Oliver picks over the concept of civic pride in Northampton town centre and how, too often, there is a deficit of it. So what part does the church play in debate, rejuventation and how far does that put someone like him in a difficult and uncomfortable position?

You can also hear how the poet John Clare drew inspiration from All Saints and a selection of some of the church’s fascinating history, which takes in at least one King.

Also in this episode, Catherine Jones of the 5th Northampton Girls Brigade talks about how they’re a bit of a “wandering” group, the ethos of the movement and what young girls both put in and take from this brilliant organisation. You’ll also discover the lynchpin character who shares his name with a Tube station.

Finally – we’ve a short and sweet trip around the world to see how some other countries celebrate Christmas.

From all of us behind the podcast have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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25th November 2021Episode EIghteen - The Inter Faith Forum and becoming a Humanist

You probably wouldn’t expect to listen to a podcast from the Methodist Church and hear about Humanism. That’s exactly what we’re going to explore in one of this month’s conversations. Rachael Duggan used to be a Christian and by her own admission ” wasn’t a very good one “. This is the story of how she realised where she felt most at home ideologically. Even though her beliefs and principles are most probably different to yours, we think it’s a fascinating listen.

Also this month : 

Surendra Malhotra is the Chair of the Northampton Inter Faith Forum and their work is a prime example of collaboration and selflessness. If you were previously unaware of their work and aims, this will bring you right up to speed.

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19th October 2021Episode Seventeen - Ceasing to exist; the African diaspora and new beginnings for one Methodist Minister

How do you think you would feel if you were undocumented? That all certainty was removed from your life and in the eyes of society, you were no one? Imagine an existence that meant you feared authority; one where you struggle to trust anyone for fear of being returned to the place you’re persecuted.

This can be reality for those displaced from African countries. 

The Rev Charity Nzegwu is a Minister with Royston Methodist Churches in the Cambridge Circuit and moving from Zimbabwe, she took up a great interest and empathy with this latter day diaspora. It’s an incredibly revealing conversation, in which shocking truths are heard and real world anecdotes come out of what it’s like to try and resettle half way around the world and a long, long way from home.

It’s a wake up call that’s particularly prescient given October is Black History Month.

Our second story comes from Rev David Speirs. David has recently moved from Hull to Northampton and was one of the key organisers of something called Re:Uniform, a brilliant initiative to redistribute school uniforms in Hull for free. 

With some clear and ambitious plans, David talks about his background and bringing a renewed zest to Northamptonshire.

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13th September 2021Episode Sixteen - Moving into spaces of wonder and experimentation

There are all sorts of ways we can occupy the places that offer wonder and experimentation. Nigel Pimlott from the Learning Network thinks it’s about ” digging deep wells into the unknown ” and challenging what leadership truly means. Nigel has some robust and really well thought out ideas on what it should take to lead the Methodist Church in 2021 and beyond and joins us in this episode.

Tim Baker from All We Can is another one of our guests and he’s here to reflect on the story of how Rev Romeo Pedro saw himself empowered by the work of the organisation 7,000 miles away in Namibia. To help someone realise their potential and place in the world is arguably the greatest gift of all and Tim sets out their work with great eloquence.

Poetry is the catalyst for our final conversation and it’s with the latest winner of The Bardic Picnic, Kezzabelle Ambler. It’s a wonderful and funny chat around the catharsis that creative writing can lead to. She must be good – Tolkien apparently approves of her work !

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11th August 2021Episode Fifteen - The purpose of Christian Aid and Notivate reaching people through music

The desire to create a world where everyone can live a full life, free from poverty sits at the very heart of Christian Aid’s mission. To champion those who live in some of the most difficult circumstances at the very margins of society is what they do 365 days a year. Martin Gage from the organisation is one of two guests this month and you’ll hear some previously undisclosed stories about the way they combat terrible hardship and injustice.

Multi talented is one of many ways you could describe Northamptonshire based John Bowman. He’s at the coal face of the work done in schools both here and abroad by Notivate. A jazz musician and an evangelist for the powers of music in young people, John talks to us about their educational and therapeutic programmes.

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9th July 2021Episode Fourteen - " Costly hospitality ", same sex marriages and years that are golden

Do we offer costly hospitality? 

The Reverend Sam McBratney of Dignity and Worth believes we have an obligation to open ourselves up to themes and subjects that cause us to question our own deeply held ideals. To move outside of our comfort zone and challenge long standing beliefs is a destination that should beckon us all. In light of the news that post conference, the Methodist Church is now the largest religious denomination in Britain to permit same-sex marriages, Sam tells the story of his principles and those of the organisation he represents.

Growing up in what many of us will have deemed ” The Troubles ” in Northern Ireland, Sam has seen division, hate and resentment take hold and he’s also witnessed the long and frequently painful process of reconciliation. Listen to our conversation as we pick over the idea of dissent and its place in otherwise polite conversation.

Our other guest has dynamo like qualities. Four years ago, Meg Neilam set up Golden Years in Wellingborough, Northants for the part of our community her late Nan always called ” recycled teenagers “. In truth, you’ve probably never heard a story like it. It’s remarkable.

It’d be great if you could have a go at The Mystery Minister game; direct your answers to

Who could it possibly be?

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14th June 2021Episode Thirteen - Global food waste : the co-founder of Olio, the Rev Francis M'Itiiri on the Swahili speaking community and a local group receives a Queen's award.
It was only the other week that the President and Vice President of conference were articulating their grave concern about food poverty and food waste. In light of this, we’re so pleased to be able to bring you a conversation with a worldwide authority on this very subject. Tessa Clarke is the co founder of Olio which uses an ingenious app to link up neighbours with each other and businesses, so that surplus food is shared and not wasted. Tessa picks over the distressing statistics that shame us all and looks at pro active ways we can all turn this situation around.In the charity and voluntary sector, you’ll struggle to find a more dynamic organisation than the Indian Hindu Welfare Organisation. Their key focus is on enriching the lives of Hindus and the wider community. Their work is ceaseless and members of IHWO have just been invited to Buckingham Palace so they can be presented with one of the UK’s highest awards. Their Chairperson, Neelam Aggarwal-Singh MBE DL gives over some of her time to the podcast to discuss how they achieved their aims. Originating from Kenya, the Reverend Francis M’Itiiri knows a great deal about the Swahili language; it’s origins, culture and significance. Hear Francis talk about the Swahili speaking community in Northamptonshire and the obstacles they have to surmount in everyday life. It’s a fascinating dialogue through millennia of history and a diverse tapestry of influences. Finally, we’re still looking for some correct answers to The Mystery Minister. It’s an actor. That’s all we’re at liberty to say! — Send in a voice message:
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5th May 2021Episode Twelve - Let's go fly a kite; Deacon Richard Beckett "sits down", Helen Cameron on her new roles and the incredible life of Rev Lynita Conradie.

One Voice is frequently a glorious celebration of some of the best traits we have within us. In this episode, you’ll hear of new chapters, defiance, resilience and belief. 

Deacon Richard Beckett is about to “sit down” and so reflects upon his experiences ( which may involve some admissions about stunt kites ! ) which are many and varied and include the Young Leaders Scheme.

Chair of the District Helen Cameron has achieved some brilliant things; she’s just been named Moderator elect of the Free Churches Group and the Free Church President elect of Churches Together in England and she’s going to tell us something about those roles.

We’ll also have conversations with a member of Kingsthorpe Baptist Church and find out how it has been to worship alongside members of the Kingsthorpe Methodist Church (warning : a very vocal baby may be heard in this chat ! )

The Reverend Lynita Conradie is someone who has been blind since birth. If ever there has been a story about resilience and the conquering of adversity, this is it. Lynita talks about her life and work as a Human Rights lawyer and how she preaches on domestic abuse.

There’s also up to date information on the Greenbelt Festival.

And who can forget the Mystery Minister quiz?!

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12th April 2021Episode Eleven - The Reverend Richard Coles and The Madness Of Grief, Eco church and what is stationing ?

” It was like a bomb had gone off ” is the expression the Rev’d Richard Coles uses to describe the impact of his partner’s death. The Reverend David Coles died in 2019 and in April of 2021, Richard’s book ” The Madness Of Grief ” was published. It charts the sometimes combative nature of their relationship as alcohol addiction took hold of David and the trials that any type of addiction can bring. Hear Richard talk about seeing bereavement through the prism of his faith and how he questions his own virtue and security. It’s such a candid conversation and bears themes that echo with so many of us at the loss of a loved one.

You’ll also meet Lydia Barratt from the Young Leader’s Scheme; she explains to the podcast what eco districts and eco churches are and how we need to strive to be kinder to the world and become more sustainable.

We also chat to the Reverend Phil Snelson, who is about to move on through the process of stationing. Phil discusses its origins, what it asks of individuals and families and his key recollections from 13 years in Northamptonshire.

There’s also a chance to emulate Rev’d Kim Shorley and correctly identify the Mystery Voice.

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11th March 2021Episode Ten - The President of Conference on internet broadcasts and a wooden giraffe, the Young Leaders Scheme and religious broadcasting at the BBC.

We’re now in double figures ! The podcast has reached 10 episodes and there are some really great things for you to listen to and get involved with.

Richard Teal, President of the Methodist Conference has some witty and well observed things to say about his weekly online broadcasts that he does with Vice President Carolyn Lawrence. He also talks movingly about what it meant to be part of a near all day service in Kenya.

Toni is one of the inspiring and driven young people on the Young Leaders Scheme and she’ll be talking about the great work that’s be going on at Towcester Road church. If anyone can give them a great new website, Toni can !

Our third guest has been around faith and worship broadcasting since the early 2000s – Martin Heath presents the Sunday breakfast programme on BBC Radio Northampton. Hear him chat about the programme’s aims, what he’s learned along the way and why the 24 / 7 cafe at the Greenbelt festival is so vital. 

We’ve also important news about the Weston Favell Centre Foodbank and worship at the Pastures.

Not only that, but the podcast is running it’s own version of Martin’s ” Impastor ” game. 

Once you’ve worked out the answer, please email – answer in the next episode!

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16th February 2021Episode Nine - Zero nuclear weapons, neighbourly gift bags and building emotional resilience

Imagine this.

A world free of nuclear weapons. It’s a cause that Steve Hucklesby and countless churches and worshippers believe fervently in. In this episode, you’ll hear Steve talk about the ways in which the campaign works and why success is vital.

Jayne Louise Bassett is a counsellor with a private practice and someone who works with Manna House Counselling to facilitate online courses like the one we’re chatting about in this month’s episode. How can you combat stress and nurture a sense of resilience ? Jayne is so good at helping us identify when we need a little help; she even covers questions of faith and spirituality in her courses.

Well, we’re certainly covering a good deal of ground in the podcast and you’re going to meet the Pioneer Community Chaplain for Overstone. It’s well worth walking in Mel’s shoes and she shows the way for how the church can “get out there” and make its welcome felt.

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12th January 2021Episode Eight - Foodbank realities, Langar Seva from the Sikh community and the power of apple and blackberry crumble.

I think it’s important that we know about the darker side of life that far too many people have to deal with “, says Dawn Smith who volunteers for the Weston Favell Centre Foodbank. Part of The Trussell Trust , the foodbank performs an irreplaceable function and is pivotal in many lives being improved, acting as it does as a signpost for other related services.

Amarjit Singh Atwal is with us too and he sets out where the spirit of selflessness come from that sees him and fellow Sikhs feed the hungry and the destitute on a weekly basis. Their remarkable work also meant they fed many of hundreds of people who had to leave their flooded homes at the tail end of 2020.

You’ll also hear about the Third Friday Lunch Club, an integral part of the Kingsthorpe Methodist Church and how they create culinary miracles in the church kitchen !

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3rd December 2020Episode Seven - Walking through Advent; Carys Walsh, evocative poetry and Carolyn Lawrence - Vice President of Methodist Conference.

Could it be that our language around God is impoverished and somehow lacking ? It’s one of the avenues of conversation that opens up as we talk to Carys Walsh, curate training officer for the Diocese of Peterborough. Her new book is “ Frequencies of God : Walking through Advent with R S Thomas ” and in this episode she explains the book’s approach and her view of Advent. Carys implores us to “settle into the text” and ” surrender ourselves to it “. Only then can his rich and nuanced poetry propel us toward an Advent full of anticipation and contemplation.

The Vice President of the Methodist Conference, Carolyn Lawrence is another fascinating and entertaining guest on the podcast. Fizzing with a need to hear and share people’s stories and for them to grow with Jesus, Carolyn discusses The Great Commission, her background as a primary school teacher and how evangelism must be counter balanced by social action.

There’s also some hopes and dreams for 2021 by members of our community.

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29th November 2020Trailer for December episode

This is what you can expect from the next episode of the podcast, which is out in the next week,

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3rd November 2020Episode Six - Defining the M.D.O, coming back to church ( mid croissant ) and how to answer the cry for help.

The Methodist Diaconal Order has such a varied and inclusive heritage and Deacon Richard Beckett tells its story to John in the latest episode of the  podcast.

” A really lovely opportunity to return to worship ” is how Jenny Brooks describes being able to go back into church between the two lockdowns; her and husband Keith give a really good humoured account of how it’s all looked and felt to them.

There’s also a conversation with Rev’d Francis Itiiri who always has searching questions of his own role and that of the Methodist Church.

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1st October 2020Episode Five - Virtual marshmellows, bringing churches closer together and a Tik Tok pancreas

Here’s a heady equation : Type 1 Diabetes, social media and the Young Leaders Scheme. Heather spreads the message in a hugely innovative way.

The Rev’d Phil Snelson confesses diplomatic skills as he tells us all about the notion of closer collaboration between churches. Foodbanks, street pastors and other wonderful initiatives are there to be capitalised upon and Phil has some great stories about making this happen.


Zoom has become invaluable to so many parts of out community and the 3rd Northampton Girls Brigade have been incredibly inventive in the way they’ve used it and managed to keep a spirit of belonging and togetherness. Sarah Dempsey tells how.

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27th August 2020Episode Four - One Voice meets One Voice and talks to Chair of the District Helen Cameron about her books, date nights and moving church pianos !

Helen Cameron ( amongst other things ) is Chair of the District for the methodist church in Northamptonshire. She chats at length about her interests, family and the values that underpin the church. Listen out for mentions of her signature dish and a new title that she’s managed to achieve !

Methodist Central Hall in Westminster has been reaching big numbers for its online services, something that we talk about in a little more detail in this episode.


The music entrepreneur behind Rising Star, Tommy Gardener tells us all about a brand new charity album and concert that has a very familiar sounding name.

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15th July 2020Episode Three - The Ministry calls, supporting single Mums during Covid and how faith met racism.

The Senior Pastor at the New Testament Church of God, Donnovan Allen picks out why the worship in his church is so energised and vocal and then turns his thoughts to racism. He’s felt prejudice and discrimination on a personal level and you’ll be fascinated to hear his theories. I’ve never heard the cause of racism identified in an even remotely similar way; it’s an extremely revealing conversation.

The podcast also speaks to the Reverend Phil Snelson, who is so tech-minded that an online radio station from his office looks like a distinct possibility ! It’s a really funny chat, in which Phil remembers a rather unusual day around A levels involving his car and an unscheduled journey that was to have far reaching effects.

You’ll also get to know Sue Clutterham with the Archway Trust – hear John marvel at the creativity in their name and more importantly, the work she’s part of and how they’re tackling the “eerie world of uncertainty” that some children are experiencing.

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13th May 2020Episode Two - Lockdown reflections, community spirit and where is God in all of this ?

” Pain is God’s megaphone to rouse a deaf world “, says CS Lewis in the film Shadowlands. If that is so, what are the lessons God wants us to learn from the pandemic ? The Rev Romeo Pedro looks into his own personal faith and discusses this profound and searching question.

Deacon Richard Beckett had to self isolate with COVID-19 and in the podcast, there is some personal and revealing insight into how Richard felt and what he reflected on.

We also speak to two volunteers with Emmanuel Church and find out how they’ve adapted to lockdown and social distancing and still managed to move mountains with the foodbank deliveries.

There’s more superb work going on in and around Kingsthorpe, supported by the Rev Francis Itiri – hear his story and what he calls “an emerging global community”.

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14th April 2020Episode One - New beginnings

The Rev Romeo Pedro and Rev Francis M’Itiri are part of the team that ministers to the Methodist Churches of Northamptonshire. Both have compelling and engaging stories to tell. Most of all though, they want to hear your stories; stories that connect and resonate and build a renewed sense of community.

In this opening episode to our brand new podcast, hear the challenges and changes they both encountered in moving from Namibia and Kenya respectively. Deep seated prejudice, reconciliation, faith and a restored trust all figure in their remarkable moves.

Recorded just before the lockdown restrictions in the UK during the Coronavirus pandemic of 2020, you’ll also hear about a sign outside one church that has become the talk of the town for its wit and puns and Northamptonshire based charity Crime to Christ reveal their plans to bring the Knife Angel sculpture to the county.

Connect with us here

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